Aerotoxin Syndrome


Because of my experience in the clinic reducing neurotoxins out of the brain with patients over the last 15 years I am now inviting pilots and cabin crew to take part in a trial to establish a specific treatment protocol for helping others with similar symptoms.

The trial is due to start late summer 2016 at both Bristol and Lincoln clinics.

Anyone one who feels they have been affected by fume events or toxins from aeroplane flights may apply.

Please email me at with full details of your symptoms and medical history and I will be only too happy to consider you for this treatment trial.

Aerotoxin syndrome - Cockpit & Cabin - Fumes & Toxins
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Aerotoxin syndrome, is no doubt in my mind, a serious neurological condition that has been getting more newspaper coverage in the last few years. Like ME (Myalgiaencephalomyelitis) this neurological condition has to be taken serious with the amount of pilots, cabin crew and passengers reporting symptoms of illness during and after flight journeys.

It appears there may be a specific design fault in oil seals in aircraft engines that are prone to wear and the heat of the engine in burning the oil releases a serious neurological poison namely Tricresyl Phosphate.
Tricresyl Phosphate is classed as an organophosphate of which caused much controversy in there use from the late 1970's to 1992 among farmers who reportedly became ill from exposure from sheep dipping with this substance.

Reports of "fume events" on flights are being reported by both cabin crew and passengers as well as pilots and is increasing and following the senior coroner of Dorset, England, Sheriff Stanhope Payne explanation of the toxicology report carried out on pilot Richard Westgate that his death was due to organophosphate poisoning from aerotoxins there is cause for concern.

Bioresonance Treatment for Chemicals

My successes with patients who have consulted me suffering from the condition ME over the last 20 years have given me great insights into the different types of this condition. A high proportion of these patients elicit neurological symptoms as well as organ dysfunction, low energy due to mitochondrial dysfunction as well as metal and chemical intoxication. These toxins all encourage a proliferation of microbes such as parasites, candida, bacterias and viruses.

What I often find with testing is In FMS (Fibromyalgia) in particular there is a preponderance of chemicals as opposed to metals. Where as in ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndromes) there appears to be a bias towards metals and the microbes mentioned.
Clinical experience has proven chemicals can be excreted more easily than metals in therapy.

There are just a few ways with Bicom Bioresonance to discover what goes on in the intracellular space in the cells and fatty tissue where these toxins are stored.
A frequency device I use has what we call a 3-6 square wave with a positive offset. And by holding onto two electrodes from the device for less than 5 minutes, opens up the intra cellular space in the cells that releases a whole variety of toxins including chemicals you have been exposed to throughout your life.
This is a process that is profoundly important in all patients who suffer from neurological symptoms in finding chemicals such as organophosphates, PCB's, metals, phalates and brain damaging toxins because 99% of blood tests will not reveal them

Once this 5 minute test has been completed the Bicom bioresonance device can then test each of the individual organs of the patients energetically, including the brain, to ascertain whether you have been exposed to toxins and microbes.

Filter Organ Ampoules

With your toxins now mobilised it is important that these are excreted from the body in the safe and efficient way.
As far as I'm aware, I am the only practitioner in the UK using a system that filters chemicals out of each and every organ during therapy with the Bicom Bioresonance Filter Organ System.
This system, with the aid of a collection of well research medicines taken in the clinic by the patient, will break down toxins more quickly than any other therapy.
The patients use of infrared saunas following therapy is important in these cases after taking medicines and subsequent support with medicines that activate methylation in the body and glutathione (the most important substance in your cells for detoxifying these toxins) is explained

With over 150,000 chemicals registered worldwide today, there is no doubt that these residues enter into the human body through food, the air and water and is now linked to a whole range of illnesses. 50.000 deaths in the UK alone last year were contributed to the pollution in the environment (second only to deaths from cancer due to smoking)

With over 80 different ampoules per tray and over 35 trays of various different pathological strains, allergies and toxins I have an arsenal of testing and treatment equipment second to none in the UK, and with my 25 years knowledge and experience as a practitioner having been consulted by patients with a whole range of symptoms and conditions that conventional blood tests fail to give answers too, I have achieved remission in many patients who suffer from a broad spectrum of illnesses.

Bicom Bioresonance is a registered medical device. Class 2A CE approved:

Organophosphate link: analysis/1299471/ghosts of farming Britain's forgotten sheep farmers poisoned by pesticides.html